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Here are some pictures of our place...

Birdie salt and pepper shakers from Jade! Perfect!

Boyfriend on our new (old) couch.

Feedin stray cats on our balcony (note: all the other cats hate this black cat. i feel so bad for it - they all hiss and chase him away when he comes around)

neighbour's cat visiting, probably because he smelled food. michael is uncomfortable around all the other cats and makes angry low meows when they come around, i think he has social anxiety like me

Alex feeding the black cat

Guillaume, beers, black kitty

our door! this is the day i mailed some stuff to the government - where's my Employment Insurance, Service Canada?!! i'm broke :(
also, you can see the reflection of the hospital across the street in the window. surprisingly, this street is quieter than metcalfe when we were in ottawa, it's great!

our stairs!

1. all of the doors/houses around here are really beautiful 2. everybody has lace in their front door window (pretty!) 3. i want lace in our front door window but alex says it's only for seasoned quebec residents

Je t'aime Michael! He used to eat my hair in the mornings (gross and annoying), but lately he's been jumping up and sleeping with us in the morning, cuddling in between Alex and I. Agh! Really actually for real the best cat ever!

I know I complain a lot, but most of the time things are really good.


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