Jun. 10th, 2009

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it just never seems to sink into my idiot head that as much as i feel proud/relieved/whatever for getting out of here, other people don't feel the same way, in fact they like nothing better then staying in.

being back here makes me uncomfortable. i love seeing my family, kitties, friends, going to all of my favourite toronto places - but it's only day 3 and i already feel anxious to get back to real life in ottawa. there's still lots i want to do here though! it's just strange and stupid that for months i've been missing home and now i'm back and can't wait to leave again. i am a fucking idiot.

home stuff:
i bought a pile of beguiling books the other day... i'm already through French Milk by Lucy Knisley and Kasper by some other girl. French Milk was not all that great and made me feel like i should start drawing stuff, anything, sew it into a book and see if anyone would buy it. i should! (i probably won't.) Kasper was wonderful though... I started Bryan Lee O'Malley's Lost At Sea on the bus home tonight. I have no idea what compelled be to pick it up, but I like it so far.

Shopping with Jade today and i didn't buy a thing! Except a cute, cheap apron from Preloved. It's yellow and will therefore match our new Montreal house... Was tempted to buy something from Carte Blanche but decided against it - maybe i've developed at least a little bit of self control over the past 6 months of being broke?

tomorrow is dentist, christine visits, and then a quiet home night to try to sleep off a throat infection! i need a break from busing downtown - did not miss the commute from aurora to toronto.


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