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today: registered for all of my classes/ baked a two layer vanilla cake with strawberries & whipped cream in the middle, smothered it in more whipped cream & topped with more strawberries & some chocolate shavings - delicious!/ did not find a job/ looked for french lessons - most will cost me $300 (worth it, oui ou non?)/ watched a documentary about vaginas/ ate at La Banquise for the third time in less than two weeks.../ i love poutine way too much to live ten minutes away from The Best Poutine Ever.../ will probably cuddle up with Michael and watch some movies tonight

tomorrow: visit Headquarters/ visit D&Q (i usually go comic shopping on Thursdays as i find Wednesdays too chaotic, but it's actually not going to rain tomorrow, thus i adventure tomorrow!)/ visit this place - monastiraki?/ possibly go to the Montreal Museum of Contemporary Art/ ask Alex for better gallery visiting options/ hand out resumes in Westmount/ draw a picture of an armadillo

On Monday we were planning to go to a bunch of galleries, but then realized galleries are mostly closed on Mondays! Alex invited me for a picnic instead. We wanted to ride to Mont Royal (15 minute bike ride), until we encountered a really large storm cloud. Alex advised we stay in Parc La Fontaine, and 5 minutes later it started to rain and we biked home. Note: the park is literally across the street so it wasn't much of an adventure. But the park is awesome! If only it would stop raining this week!

Sometimes Alex looks 6 years old

The Cake:

Quebec strawberries - 2 quarts for $5!

The cake baking... it made the apartment smell good


Cake guts!

Cake sammich

Wooooo! All done!

Completed while listening to Hold Time and Post War(M. Ward is baking music)

Mmmmmmmm! (I'll share later, Alex is out with Ottawa visitors)

If I set daily goals for myself I actually accomplish things rather than feel overwhelmed at being unemployed, poor, and lazy.
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