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I would really like to see this:

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Currently snuggled in a twin bed (too small!) with a sleeping boyfriend and snoring pup. Life is good!

Hope everyone had a merry Christmas/good holiday <3.
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P.S. I'm making all entries friends only full-time.
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Today I am still worried that the world is ending. Also, Ginny woke me up at 4am. Also, I have eaten 3 raspberry turnovers since 9pm last night. End-of-the-world-anxiety-eating.

Also, this morning at work we are getting a tour of the Pop Life exhibit by the assistant-curator from the NGC. I hope there is not another earthquake today.
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I didn't know him really, but it's still terribly sad. How do people end up where they end up?

Missing Toronto/Aurora friends & famjam today :(
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tonight i realized that i'm just always going to need an escape plan.
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at least once a week this happens.
eventually it's going to for real actually happen.
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today: registered for all of my classes/ baked a two layer vanilla cake with strawberries & whipped cream in the middle, smothered it in more whipped cream & topped with more strawberries & some chocolate shavings - delicious!/ did not find a job/ looked for french lessons - most will cost me $300 (worth it, oui ou non?)/ watched a documentary about vaginas/ ate at La Banquise for the third time in less than two weeks.../ i love poutine way too much to live ten minutes away from The Best Poutine Ever.../ will probably cuddle up with Michael and watch some movies tonight

tomorrow: visit Headquarters/ visit D&Q (i usually go comic shopping on Thursdays as i find Wednesdays too chaotic, but it's actually not going to rain tomorrow, thus i adventure tomorrow!)/ visit this place - monastiraki?/ possibly go to the Montreal Museum of Contemporary Art/ ask Alex for better gallery visiting options/ hand out resumes in Westmount/ draw a picture of an armadillo

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If I set daily goals for myself I actually accomplish things rather than feel overwhelmed at being unemployed, poor, and lazy.
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Here are some pictures of our place...

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I know I complain a lot, but most of the time things are really good.
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every saturday until the end of august there is an incredible fireworks display that is visible from the front of our balcony = yesssss!

jade left today and i'm feeling kind of lonely. friends: move to montreal... this city is so neat, i promise.

-look for bike (two craigslist leads)
-possibly buy some plants for the balcony
-job search, compile mcgill stuff and explore the campus!
-oh, and get groceries.
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We're here! It's The Best! Everything is The Best. Best living room, Best balcony, Best 40 minute walk to school (okay, kind of far to walk - but 10 minutes by bus is the Best). Best restaurant - BOFINGER!! Anyone who comes to visit is being forced to try this place - it has the most amazing BBQ food!

Alex is currently installing my bookshelves. Thanks Alex! Our families united forces to make this the smoothest move possible, and now I feel indebted for life and automatically feel like a lazy, undeserving daughter/girlfriend of the son. I need to think up something nice to do or give both my and Alex's families. (suggestions?)

On top of being exponentially happier than I have been in forever, Jade and Matt are visiting! Jade is sick, but we've still had fun for the past two days.

I've made the immediate judgment that Montreal is the most perfect city possible. Except that I need to learn french very badly.

Alex has pictures up on Facebook, but I'm going to hold off until things are decorated a bit more.

Everyone is invited to visit!
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Funds pending:
OSAP - ($???)
Ministry of Labour claim for all of my overtime at the CSTC - ($1,300)

Broke until then! I wish I had one million and five dollars to just spend the summer in Montreal exploring and eating and reading(buying) books - I guess everyone wishes that. I'm also kind of bored. We've been packing, and I've started to refinish an old chest that I bought off Library and Archives for $10... but. I would like a job soon.

On craigslist some lady was asking for someone to take her cats for a couple of months and take care of them, in return she would pay $300/month. I would totally take care of cats for a living! It wasn't in our area in Montreal though.

Pfff. One more week to the day and we'll be moving out of this place! Good riddance toilet that doesn't flush properly! Good riddance too hot hot water and bad drainage system and barking dog in the next apartment! But I will actually miss this location, so central to everything that I like in Ottawa.

Actually, I think I'm too excited to be sad about leaving!
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i am home now and kind of bored david is making us watch a movie about an egyptian enthusiast who kills ladies and takes their body parts. it's an old movie and all of the ladies are super ridiculously good looking. the egyptian enthusiast is currently whipping some girl. weird.

david made fries with beats and they were ok.

later i am actually leaving the apartment.

i love ottawa a lot when i don't have a job.

we will need more moving boxes for all of my books.

alex is hot.
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Sick Sick Sick.

I'm not even that sick.

Sick enough that all I've been able to do lately is play Sims 2 (ew) and read. I bought Papercut Heart by Ian Sullivan Cant on a whim at the Beguiling because I opened it up to the page with drawings of birds. I'll buy anything with bird drawings in it. Conundrum really publishes some beautiful books... Anyways, I read it today through teary eyes and multiple nose blowings (not because it was necessarily sad, just because every orifice of my face is leaking sick fluids) and loved it. My favourite part is a page with a house burning down and the text says 'don't cling'. I can't find a picture of it, but this page is also great: wires!

I just want to publish books!
I just want to read lots of books!
I just want to intern at D&Q/Conundrum this summer!

As soon as this cold ends, I would like to go back to Ottawa to the comfortable bed and alcoholic boyfriend and adorable cat and write letters to Montreal publishers asking for an internship.
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it just never seems to sink into my idiot head that as much as i feel proud/relieved/whatever for getting out of here, other people don't feel the same way, in fact they like nothing better then staying in.

being back here makes me uncomfortable. i love seeing my family, kitties, friends, going to all of my favourite toronto places - but it's only day 3 and i already feel anxious to get back to real life in ottawa. there's still lots i want to do here though! it's just strange and stupid that for months i've been missing home and now i'm back and can't wait to leave again. i am a fucking idiot.

home stuff:
i bought a pile of beguiling books the other day... i'm already through French Milk by Lucy Knisley and Kasper by some other girl. French Milk was not all that great and made me feel like i should start drawing stuff, anything, sew it into a book and see if anyone would buy it. i should! (i probably won't.) Kasper was wonderful though... I started Bryan Lee O'Malley's Lost At Sea on the bus home tonight. I have no idea what compelled be to pick it up, but I like it so far.

Shopping with Jade today and i didn't buy a thing! Except a cute, cheap apron from Preloved. It's yellow and will therefore match our new Montreal house... Was tempted to buy something from Carte Blanche but decided against it - maybe i've developed at least a little bit of self control over the past 6 months of being broke?

tomorrow is dentist, christine visits, and then a quiet home night to try to sleep off a throat infection! i need a break from busing downtown - did not miss the commute from aurora to toronto.
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We cleaned the apartment today. I packed! Alex was going through some of his old photos and I took one and scanned it.

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i just applied for overtime from my boss and am terrified that he's going to call and yell at me... tomorrow is my last day + he won't even be there + i'm within my legal rights to ask for overtime and i'm still terrified.

alex is mad at me because i can't cook. i wish i could be a better wife/mom.

things i am good at: eating chocolate bars, drinking wine, sleeping, running away/avoiding confrontation.

june is vacation month.
toronto on sunday until... until i can see jordan dekter, actually.
and then back here to pack and then montreal and then no money and picnics and dinner on the deck with michael and alex and it's going to be so good...

this bob flanagan book makes me feel so happy all the time.

ironic fact: my mom canceled my car insurance yesterday. long drives with bad music are no longer possible unless someone else is driving! (courtney?)
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i just need to go home for a week: sleep all day and then take long drives at night with the music playing so loudly that it can drown out the sound of my voice singing along. maybe a little chicken fingers and some pool hanging out, or at least duck feeding.

missed opportunities get me awful upset.

at least the stupid job is over!

someone come over :(
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Reading an interview with Eddie Campbell made me realize how much I miss learning/thinking about comic books. I want to go back in time with all the information I have now and re-write my thesis.

The Beguiling is going to get so much money out of me when I go home in June. No new comics for two months! Ottawa sucks - Montreal Montreal Montreal... can't wait.

Also. Working from 9-8 is no fun.

just want it to be June 1st. July 1st, even better!
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