Oct. 26th, 2006

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i am reading a book about reena spaulings but reena spaulings turns out to not even be a real person. this makes it more difficult to write my analysis of her flags. i don't trust fake artists. or their flags.

speaking of fake artists, the iris haussler house was terrifying. it gave me nightmares. even though it was fake. all these fake artists make me feel like everyone's been lying to me lately. it's a weird feeling. iris is coming to my class tomorrow to talk about her made up artist. crcp is turning out to be pretty awesome... community arts masters program > environmental studies? i realized last week that i can't save the sharks. i didn't really try. but before i started to try, i found out that most people are too comfortable to change anything that matters. i want to be okay with being uncomfortable!

more unrelated idiot not worth reading words: i am going to be a cowboy again for halloween because i fucking like wearing a cowboy hat and plaid shirts. plus it requires minimal effort and no money=more money to spend on me and jade getting drunk on saturday. and maybe more comics. jade will be a ballerina. i am pretty excited for the first part of saturday. who knows about the second part, no one really likes making real live plans.


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